FILMS: My Last Film / The Longest Day of the Year / Police State of America / A Visit Over The Holidays / Fool's Paradise / Observing Gravity From Where The Trees Stand In Water / We'll Be Alright / In Restless Movement / Searching For True / Junior / A Familiar Tree / A Lone Refutal

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2021 / post production / colour / english / digital
MY LAST FILM by Frank Varga Jr.
A character roams in endless circles while a filmmaker loses control of his film.
Streaming soon.
2021 / 10 mins / colour / english / digital
THE LONGEST DAY OF THE YEAR starring Frank Varga Sr., Anna Varga, Anna Petkanic. writing directing edit cine Frank Varga Jr.
A family meanders in a suburban backyard during the peak of summer. As the day slowly turns to night, they must face an anxiety that has been avoided.

2020 / 5 mins / colour / english / digital
Police helicopters loom over a quiet view of Detroit, USA on June 4 2020 following rising tensions and attacks on protestors advocating for justice after the brutal murder of George Floyd. A meditative view from neighbouring city Windsor, Canada quickly devolves into dizzying disarray. What has the free world become?
Premiered online November 2020.
2020 / bw / english / digital
A VISIT OVER THE HOLIDAYS starring Darcy McMann, Ron VenDerZwaag, Ryan Hogan, Marta Ogonek. cine Aman Samra. writing directing edit Frank Varga Jr.
On a snowy night just before Christmas, a lonely tenant eavesdrops on a family gathering taking place below.
2019 / 20 mins / bw, color / english, slovak / digital
FOOL'S PARADISE starring Frank Varga Jr., Aaron Robertson, Mikaela Morin, James Douglas, Christopher Domok. cine Hazel Lee. writing directing edit Frank Varga Jr.
A newly arrived immigrant roams the streets of Toronto in search of connection and a long idealized city.
Link available upon request.
2019 / 7 mins / bw / digital
Amid the silence and emptiness of one unbroken frame, this film attempts to confront our human self-obsession against the built urban environments we create and inhabit.
2018 / 18 mins / color / english / digital
WE'LL BE ALRIGHT starring Andrea Pavlovic, Navtej Sandhu, Maggie May Cook. cine Satrio Prahasto. writing directing edit Frank Varga Jr.
Three best friends spend one final night together before going their separate ways.
Link available upon request.
2018 / 10 mins / color / english / digital
IN RESTLESS MOVEMENT starring Frank Varga Jr. cine Satrio Prahasto. writing directing edit Frank Varga Jr., Christoper Atkins.
Short experimental drama about inaction within an ever moving universe. Based on a poem by Rumi.
Link available upon request.
2017 / 4 mins / color / english / 16mm
SEARCHING FOR TRUE edit Logan Kowalchuk. cine Zack Ross. directing Frank Varga Jr.
This film explores how love evolves with age. It features over 50 unique participants.
2017 / 10 mins / color / english / digital
JUNIOR starring Nick Wicht, James Jenkisnon. edit Wang Weibin. cine Peter Widdrington. writing directing Frank Varga Jr.
A retired painter begins to fear his obsolescence when his son of the same name begins to gain the public's attention.
Link available upon request.
2016 / 6 mins / color / digital
A FAMILIAR TREE starring Joe Todd, Tom Todd. writing directing edit cine Frank Varga Jr.
A divorced father attempts to reconnect with his son after losing one another in a forest.
2015 / 2 mins / bw / english / digital
A LONE REFUTAL starring Kitu Turcas. writing directing edit cine Frank Varga Jr.
A man wakes up in the middle of the night to confide his feelings toward his reflection, a breakup unfolds.